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Our speciality since 1989!

Concept Caméléon Electronics-Solution has been recognized as the industry's most effective POS solution since 1989. We have acquired an enviable expertise in the Electronics industry.

With Concept Caméléon E-Solution, you get a specialized inventory tool to help get your winners in and get your losers out. Using an advanced tool will help manage your inventory at the customer's order level. With the «Just in time» ordering system you get the product «In store» when it's needed.

Our POS with the CRM feature will help your salespeople achieve more sales by following up future sales. The «built-in» questionnaire and pop-up notifications system automatically makes sure that you don't forget to offer warranties or complementary products to customers.

Promote rapid sales with our Möbile Suite, a portable touch screen software for your salespeople. Take your inventory count with our portable scan solution.

We've been offering automatic Sell-through and vendor promotion claims since 2011.

Increase your productivity with this option that allows you to bill protection plans and electronically transmit plans.

What could be simpler!

So call us for a personalized presentation of the most recognized electronics industry POS solution!

Features added to the PRB Solution:

  • General features
  • Inventory
    • Multiple warehouses;
    • Serial and batch number management;
    • Just in time purchase orders (JIT);
    • Instant messaging between buyers and salespeople upon customer order modifications;
    • Inventory aging and automatic markdown;
    • Accrued liabilities on purchases.
  • Sales
    • Canada Post customer address extraction;
    • Quotes, layaway contracts and invoices;
    • Kits with special price or itemize prices;
    • Automatically propose accessories or warranty plan (questionnaire);
    • Specific price tables for customers;
    • Product and services Reservation or Rentals: by the hour, bloc, daily, etc.;
    • Comerco Protection Plan integration (option);
    • Integrated payment terminal: Desjardins AccordD, Global Payments and Bambora;
    • Gift card management with customer Web portal access;
    • Loyalty Card management with customer Web portal access to verify card balance;
    • Salespeople: Commission rates, payments and statistics;
    • Report generator and Excel export;
    • Sales dashboard;
    • MixPromo: Customer promotions, vendor rebates and Sell-Throughs;
    • Multi-branche or profit centers (option).
  • Delivery (option)
    • Delivery Calendar with Schedule and Special notes;
    • Routes with Daily Capacity: Stops, Weight, Volume, Installation;
    • Maximum overall capacities: Stops, Weight, Volume, Installation;
    • Automatic calculation of Due on Delivery;
    • Shipping Manifest for Truck and Stop Labels;
    • Interactive Map with delivery positioning;
    • Mobile «Apps» for deliveries with digital signatures.
  • Accounting
    • Accounts receivable;
    • Accounts payable;
    • Accrued liabilities on purchases;
    • General ledger;
    • Financial dashboard;
    • Financial statements.
  • Payroll (option)
    • Direct deposit or checks;
    • Regular or Time Sheet Payroll;
    • Gouverment remittances;
    • Automatic update for rates for all Canadian provinces;
    • Government forms: T4 and RL-1 slips, record of unemployment.
  • Tools and Utilities
    • Corporate archive (scan directly or file import);
    • Barcodes and QR codes;
    • Marketing tools;
    • Product Excel imports;
    • Product Vendors Price List import or updates;
    • Forms and labels generator;
    • CRM.

Training: the key to success!

On site training for your employees and key people is one of the most important ways to achive success and maximize the use of Concept Caméléon's «Built-In» functions. Specialized training will help your key people use Concept Caméléon's «Built-In» marketing tools to bring customers into your store. Training is not only key to gaining a better understanding of the system, it will minimize double entries and maximize use of the precious information in the system for your customer's current and future needs.

Training begins with a 70 page implementation guide that will make sure that all your departments will have accurate training and that all aspects of the software will be covered.

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This evolving tool automatically manages all your promotions: on selling price, sell-through, SPIFF, supplier rebates and even instant rebates!

With MixPromo: no more duplication, no more documents to scan, no more documents to handle manually for your promotions. MixPromo will decrease errors and omissions that impede customer service and thereby decrease your profits.

Just do your daily transactions and MixPromo will automatically generate your claims. Don't lose money anymore, install MixPromo and recover all your precious discounts! Wow!

Loyalty Card

Discover an easy, efficient and safe way to increase your sales while creating new business opportunities with a complete system including card sales and recharge. A Customer Web Portal is also available to see the remaining quantities on their cards. A loyalty card contains prepaid services, such as: Photo processing, Photo printing, Cleaning Service, etc.

A Companion for Sales, Inventory and Delivery

Promotes spontaneous sales and offer customers fastest information. With barecodes, take Inventory or move products from warehouses. With the Delivery system go paperless and keep digitalized signatures.

Electronic Payment

This is a key feature to accept real time debit/credit card payments directly from the Sales System. Reduce errors with this integrated solution available free of charge. We accept three Payment Processors: Desjardins, Global Payments or Bambora. With Desjardins, you can accept AccordD financing transactions.


Concept Caméléon Dashboard provides several sales and financial graphics to allow managers to monitor the evolution of their business financial strategies.

This easy-to-use tool provides real-time information to assist you in decision making.