Rentals and Reservations

Concept Caméléon product rentals and reservations

Managing businesses with product rentals and reservations is easy with Concept Caméléon.  Just identify which products can be rented and specify all rental prices, for example: hourly, daily, block, weekend, week, month and year.  When renting a product, a pop up screen asks to specify the quantity, type and duration of the rental.  It’s that simple!

Contract renewals is done with a simple click.  Imagine renewing thousands of contracts in a few seconds!  This is one of many powerful features of Concept Caméléon.

Features added to the PRB Solution:

  • General features
  • Products
    • Check box to define which products can be rented;
    • Price personalization per product and rental type;
    • Define special prices to sell rental products.
  • Inventory
    • Rental products with/without serial numbers;
    • Rental calendar for availability;
    • Products stay in inventory when rented.
  • Sales
    • Popup screen to choose rental type and start/end date/time;
    • Accessible calendar for availability;
    • Return management;
    • Easy rental extension terms;
    • Rental batch renewals and invoicing;
    • Rental and reservation list;
    • Personalized printed forms personalized with rental information.

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Available in the Cloud

This service is the perfect way to reduce management and server cost. By dematerializing your data and software, it opens new possibilities to access your software and data from any computer (Windows or Mac) and from any mobile device (iPad, iPhone).

The first to introduce software renting

Renting has been an easy process with Concept Caméléon for many years. Take advantage of these offers:

  • Use your cash flow to invest in hardware or training;
  • Includes all software updates and government rates;
  • Phone support with no waiting or call return;
  • Receive a 100% tax deductible expense;
  • Easy to budget with only one monthly payment.


At a glance, get a real-time picture of your sales of the last 12 months, your best salesperson and your 10 most selling products in the «Sales» section. Then go deeper into your sales by customer sectors, products groups and categories.

The «Finance» section shows real time cash balances of all your bank accounts, a visual of your accounts receivable and payable and another showing your income statement of the last 12 months.