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The most efficient accounting tool for SMEs, SMBs and PRBs¡.

The only «Built-In» accounting solution Fully Scalable that can be adapted to your business environment.

Scalable means that Concept Caméléon will still fit your needs even if your business changes orientation or expands.

Personalize your management tool by selecting only the «Apps Built-In» that are relevant to your industry. Just add any Apps when you're ready or when they are needed.

Discover a stylish and ergonomic environment with many possibilities. In addition to substantial savings!

Concept Caméléon includes these features:


Fast quote, customer order and invoice entry with debit/credit card integration. Fast and easy customer creation with their phone number. History reports and consultation grids.


Customer credit history. E-mail or print customer statements. Debit/credit card integrated payment entries. Automatic NSF payment entries.


Easy payable entry with multiple payment options: Manual and computer cheques, cash, direct deposits, postdated, etc...


Easy payroll process with direct deposits and E-mailed payroll slips. Supports all Canadian provinces. Provincial and Federal Government forms (T4 and RL-1 slips, record of unemployment).


The most evolved inventory system in the industry. View your inventory with a click of a button. Be aware of your quantities on hand, reserved, on purchase, etc... Have access to your purchase history and inventory aging. Multiple inventory consultation grids and reports are available for the user.


Printed or exportable financial statements, bank reconciliations and dashboard. General ledger drilldown and tax remittance report. Easy month and year end closings. Excel integration and data transfer to external accountants.


Know everything about your customers and even their future needs. Create documents with merge codes. Send promotions directly to customers by E-mail.


Design your own personalized forms; Quotes, invoices, checks, etc... Create personalized labels for mailing or shipping with bar codes.


Helps capture project incomes and expenses in order to determine profitability and advancement with reports and real time graphics.


Create your own reports with our innovative consultation grid system using groups, sorts and filters. Export your reports to Excel, XML, CSV, etc...

Corporate Archives

Centralize all your documents in this electronic database. Scan or import all types of documents.

The best phone support; it's guaranteed !

The best phone support and the easiest software update installations of the industry. No voicemail or call return, we answer immediately! Search by keyword or by module within the included knowledge base. Help at the end of your fingertips. Be informed of the latest features and options. View online videos and documentation. Click here for more info.

See what makes Concept Caméléon different


Gift Cards

The Concept Caméléon gift card option is a simple, effective and safe way to increase your sales by creating new business opportunities. Offer personalized gift cards with a Web portal access for your customers.


Integrated payment Solutions

Concept Caméléon can be linked to a debit/credit card payment terminal and recover approval authorizations directly from the invoicing system with Desjardins and Globalpayments. Bambora eCommerce is also integrated. These possibilities are available free of charge in Concept Caméléon.


Möbile Suite Compagnon

Möbile Suite Compagnon offers various business solutions to maximize internal and external working processes. It comes in a "Robust / Rugged" mobile computer type designed for commercial work or in a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet type for light work. The tablets offer several functions depending on the model, such as a touch screen, stylus, bar code scanner, magnetic card reader and several other functions.


Connect 360°SS for eCommerce solution

Too often, we see external tools not linked to your Business Management Software, which creates extra work, duplication of information and increases the risk of errors.

If you take time to calculate the overtime, the famous prices and stocks availability errors, you will realize that it is better to have tools that are linked together. Our Connect 360° SS solution converges into one source of information.

Concept Caméléon offers such convergence by centralizing all the information needed to create, maintain and sell your products on your e-Commerce website or have other tools or Apps that use the same data.

In addition, you can offer your customers a Web base «Extranet Portal» or App to view their orders, check current product status, past invoices and track supplier repairs and more.

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Some features are available only with the multi-user version. ¡ Abbreviation: SME = Small or Medium Enterprise, SMB = Small or Medium Business, PRB = Pro Business

Available in the Cloud

This service is the perfect way to reduce management and server cost. By dematerializing your data and software, it opens new possibilities to access your software and data from any computer (Windows or Mac) and from any mobile device (iPad, iPhone).

The first to introduce software renting

Renting has been an easy process with Concept Caméléon for many years. Take advantage of these offers:

  • Use your cash flow to invest in hardware or training;
  • Includes all software updates and government rates;
  • Phone support with no waiting or call return;
  • Receive a 100% tax deductible expense;
  • Easy to budget with only one monthly payment.


At a glance, get a real-time picture of your sales of the last 12 months, your best salesperson and your 10 most selling products in the «Sales» section. Then go deeper into your sales by customer sectors, products groups and categories.

The «Finance» section shows real time cash balances of all your bank accounts, a visual of your accounts receivable and payable and another showing your income statement of the last 12 months.