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The most efficient accounting tool for SMEs, SMBs and PRBs¡.

The only «Built-In» accounting solution Fully Scalable that can be adapted to your business environment.

Scalable means that Concept Caméléon will still fit your needs even if your business changes orientation or expands.

Personalize your management tool by selecting only the «Apps Built-In» that are relevant to your industry. Just add any Apps when you're ready or when they are needed.

Discover a stylish and ergonomic environment with many possibilities. In addition to substantial savings!

Compare Entery Level Solutions

These solutions are the most popular entry level solutions to meet the needs of most business. Available for up to 2 or unlimited users, business can start with one of theses solutions and eventualy scale to a higher end solution without data lost, training or starting over!

Concept Caméléon scalable Built-in Apps are only a click away.

Concept Caméléon, always ready to bring your business to a higher level !


Entry level Solutions


Monthly rate for up to 2 users $ 30 / Mo $ 55 / Mo $ 80 / Mo $ 105 / Mo
Cloud solution available
Multi-user (3 to unlimited users)


General ledger and financial statements        
Accounts receivable        
Accounts payable        
Customer quotes, orders and invoices        
Inventory and vendor purchase orders        
Basic payroll for all Canadian provinces        
Basic payroll with timesheets & Québec CCQ        

Rent Me Advantages:

  • Use your cash flow to invest in hardware or training;
  • All software and Government rate updates are included;
  • Phone support with no waiting or call return;
  • Receive a 100% tax deductible expense;
  • Easy to budget with only one low monthly payment.

† Conditions
Available for new memberships only. Pure monthly right of use without acquisition. For the up to 2 user version, only the following options can be added: inventory, basic or timesheets payroll. Specialized options apply only to the multi-user version. The up to 2 user version can be converted to a multi-user version (see conditions). Monthly payments are by direct debit. Training, taxes and others services are not included.

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Some features are available only with the multi-user version. ¡ Abbreviation: DNA = Foundation System, SME = Small or Medium Enterprise, SMB = Small or Medium Business, PRB = Pro Business

Available in the Cloud

This service is the perfect way to reduce management and server cost. By dematerializing your data and software, it opens new possibilities to access your software and data from any computer (Windows or Mac) and from any mobile device (iPad, iPhone).

The first to introduce software renting

Renting has been an easy process with Concept Caméléon for many years. Take advantage of these offers:

  • Use your cash flow to invest in hardware or training;
  • Includes all software updates and government rates;
  • Phone support with no waiting or call return;
  • Receive a 100% tax deductible expense;
  • Easy to budget with only one monthly payment.


At a glance, get a real-time picture of your sales of the last 12 months, your best salesperson and your 10 most selling products in the «Sales» section. Then go deeper into your sales by customer sectors, products groups and categories.

The «Finance» section shows real time cash balances of all your bank accounts, a visual of your accounts receivable and payable and another showing your income statement of the last 12 months.