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The most efficient accounting tool for SMEs, SMBs and PRBs¡.

The only «Built-In» accounting solution Fully Scalable that can be adapted to your business environment.

Scalable means that Concept Caméléon will still fit your needs even if your business changes orientation or expands.

Personalize your management tool by selecting only the «Apps Built-In» that are relevant to your industry. Just add any Apps when you're ready or when they are needed.

Discover a stylish and ergonomic environment with many possibilities. In addition to substantial savings!

Fully Scalable for new possibilities!

Go further than the proposed entry level solutions!

Concept Caméléon has more than 90 «Built-In Apps» that can be unlocked in the multi-user version with a simple click.

Here are some of these Built-In Apps:

  • Inventory Management
    • OP-005 - Production MRP/ERP;
    • OP-006 - Batch type products for flooring, food and furniture industries;
    • OP-009 - Currency conversion management;
    • OP-012 - Equivalent management (Barcodes);
    • OP-013 - Bonus point management;
    • OP-025 - Transformation / Subcontracting management;
    • OP-027 - Permanent inventory with accrued liabilities on purchases;
    • OP-036 - Freight-in cost allocation per purchase cost or quantities;
    • OP-041 - Question generator;
    • OP-048 - Purchase history;
    • OP-052 - Purchase conversion unit;
    • OP-059 - Physical inventory counting with or without mobile devices;
    • OP-062 - TiMe - Employee and production order electronic punch clock;
    • OP-064 - Multiple warehouses;
    • OP-066 - Weight / Volume / Height / Width / Depth of products;
    • OP-100 - Connect 360° SS eCommerce solution for Websites or App.
  • Sales and Receivables
    • OP-009 - Currency conversion management;
    • OP-012 - Equivalent management (Barcodes);
    • OP-013 - Bonus point management;
    • OP-017 - Customer / Franchises personalized price tables;
    • OP-019 - Salesperson commissions;
    • OP-021 - Automatic shipping management: paper delivery slip or with hand-held computer;
    • OP-037 - Customer sorting codes;
    • OP-049 - Suspend customer orders for credit reasons;
    • OP-054 - Automatic selling price calculations in %;
    • OP-057 - Accounts receivable import from external source;
    • OP-058 - Preauthorized payment management;
    • OP-060 - Automatic contract renewal management;
    • OP-061 - Quote template for repeating orders;
    • OP-062 - TiMe - Employee and work order electronic punch clock;
    • OP-065 - Tax extraction for gas service stations;
    • OP-071 - Customer delivery routes;
    • OP-072 - XML import for external Websites or applications;
    • OP-075 - Invoicing overcharge (Fleet management);
    • OP-078 - Container leasing and invoicing (Propane, gas, water, etc...);
    • OP-083 - Customer promotion management;
    • OP-086 - Transport Dispatch (Fleet management);
    • OP-087 - Rental / Reservation management;
    • OP-092 - Möbile route deliveries;
    • OP-094 - Gift card management with customer Web portal access;
    • OP-096 - MixPromo: Sell-through and merchant discount claims;
    • OP-098 - Multi-branches or profit centers
    • OP-100 - Connect 360° SS eCommerce solution for Websites or App;
    • OP-102 - Loyalty Card management with customer Web portal access to verify card balance;
    • OP-106 - In-House Financing
    • OP-107 - Comerco Protection Plans ;
    • OP-108 - Canada Post Address extraction for creating customers .
  • Payroll
    • OP-002 - Basic payroll management with T4 and RL-1 slips. Supports all Canadian provinces;
    • OP-003 - Basic payroll with accelerated timesheets and Québec CCQ;
    • OP-074 - Employee sorting and export with employee picture.
  • Payables
    • OP-009 - Currency conversion management;
    • OP-051 - Contract payment reporting (T5018 and T1086);
    • OP-090 - Vendor royalty automatic payments.
  • Projects
    • OP-038 - Project and employee timesheet transaction entries;
    • OP-093 - Project estimation and monitoring.
  • Accounting
    • OP-007 - Department management (Financial statements);
    • OP-010 - Company consolidations (Financial statements);
    • OP-081 - EDI export;
    • OP-098 - Financial Statements by branch or profit center.
  • Tools and miscellaneous
    • OP-037 - Customer sorting codes;
    • OP-082 - SQL Client/Server system;
    • OP-091 - Corporate archives (scan directly or archive files).

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Some features are available only with the multi-user version. ¡ Abbreviation: SME = Small or Medium Enterprise, SMB = Small or Medium Business, PRB = Pro Business

Available in the Cloud

This service is the perfect way to reduce management and server cost. By dematerializing your data and software, it opens new possibilities to access your software and data from any computer (Windows or Mac) and from any mobile device (iPad, iPhone).

The first to introduce software renting

Renting has been an easy process with Concept Caméléon for many years. Take advantage of these offers:

  • Use your cash flow to invest in hardware or training;
  • Includes all software updates and government rates;
  • Phone support with no waiting or call return;
  • Receive a 100% tax deductible expense;
  • Easy to budget with only one monthly payment.


At a glance, get a real-time picture of your sales of the last 12 months, your best salesperson and your 10 most selling products in the «Sales» section. Then go deeper into your sales by customer sectors, products groups and categories.

The «Finance» section shows real time cash balances of all your bank accounts, a visual of your accounts receivable and payable and another showing your income statement of the last 12 months.