Concept Caméléon technology

Concept Caméléon integrates up to date technology to maximize all departments of your business.
These leading technologies have proven their reliability over the years.

Concept Caméléon is a Windows application that can be installed on a stand-alone computer or in a network environment.
We also offer Cloud Solutions and Cloud Backups.

We also offer Internet Apps for Big Data so that retailers can compare their overall business with other retailers of a same buying group.
ADS SQL Database Server provides a platform on which we can rely to offer outstanding information in Real Time.

We are proud to list some of them on our website as they continue to evolve like Concept Caméléon.


SAP Advantage Database Server

Advantage Database Server (an SAP company) is a full-featured, easily to install, high performance client/server data management system specifically designed to meet the needs of business applications. Advantage offers Sequential Access Method (ISAM) table-based and SQL-based data access, providing a growth path for database applications to utilize enterprise-caliber feature sets.

Learn more about SAP Advantage Database Server

Data Ltd DLI Rugged Tablets

Data Ltd is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and maintaining rugged mobile computers of lasting value. With over 25 years of experience in the mobile computing industry, it understands the challenges of rapidly changing technology and the increased bottom-line demands placed on mobile operations. Their business was built on the premise that if they develop products that balance ingenuity, productivity, and value, their success would come naturally.

Learn more about Data Ltd Rugged Tablets

Motorola Barcode Scanners

With a Motorola Solutions scanner in hand, your workers can capture the data that matters the most as quickly and as accurately as possible. And whether you need bar code scanning at your retail POS, on the manufacturing production line, or in the aisles of your warehouse, we have a scanner that is right for your needs.

Learn more about Bar Code Scanners

Zebra Label Printers

Zebra's portfolio of compact, but rich desktop label printers are ideal for situations that are tight on space, but require high-quality, reliable direct thermal or thermal-transfer printing. Engineered for ease-of-use, these printers offer a broad range of connectivity options, making them ideal for countless low- to mid-volume label, receipt or wristband printing applications.

Learn more about Zebra Printers

Brother Label Printers

Brother P-touch label printers are a fast and effective way to create adhesive-backed labels to help keep you organized. Brother P-touch label makers are designed to print quality, durable labels to fit any need at any budget.

Learn more about Brother Printers

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