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Since 1989, Les Progiciels Concept relies on a team of passionate people whose primary concern is to create unique relationships with businesses to better understand their needs. This translates to high quality products and services. Our flagship software Concept Caméléon is now used by businesses in Canada and in the United States.

Proximity and Evolution

Connected day after day on new technology, our team of professional developers constantly improves our software by adding new functions based on the market evolution or user suggestions.

Our software is the heart of a healthy and prosperous company. Les Progiciels Concept understands that better than any other company.

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Company History

A brief history that defines who we are.

February, 2019

Celebrating 30 Years of Success

Since 1989, Les Progiciels Concept Inc., has delivered innovative solutions and unparalleled services. Its flag software, Concept Caméléon, keeps getting more powerful to better suit the growing needs of its customers. Be part of our story by selecting a company close to its customers.

December, 2014

Cantrex Nationwide

Cantrex Nationwide approves Concept Caméléon software and our company Les Progiciels Concept inc. as the official supplier for their point of sale and management software.

March, 2011

Concept acquires Riviera Software

In its expansion plan, Concept acquires Les logiciels Riviera inc. All customers using the software will be converted from PSolution to Concept Caméléon.

January, 2000

Concept unified all its products

Concept Delux, Minipack, Prodige and Autonome are now one single unified solution called Concept Caméléon. All options are now «Built-In» and can be activated with just a click. Like a 'chameleon', it adapts to its environment.

December, 2002

Mega Group inc.

Mega Group Inc, the largest group of independent furniture retailers, select Concept Caméléon POS Software for all stores in the Multi-Meubles banner.