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Electronics, Photography and Computers

Electronics, Photography and Computers

Our specialty since 1989!

Concept Caméléon Electronique-Solution has been recognized as the most efficient POS solution in the industry since 1989. Over the years, we have acquired enviable expertise in the electronics industry.

With Concept Caméléon E-Solution, you get a specialized inventory tool to help discover your winning products and also your losing products. Using a cutting edge tool like Concept Caméléon E-Solution will help you manage your inventory in a simple and efficient way. With the «just-in-time» ordering system, you make sure you have your products in stock when needed.

Our POS with the CRM feature will help your salespeople achieve more sales by following up future sales. The «Built-in» questionnaire and pop-up notifying system automatically make sure that you don't forget to offer protection plans or complementary products to customers.

Promote rapid sales with our Compagnon Möbile Suite, a portable touch screen software for your salespeople. Take your inventory counts with our portable scan solution. Make paperless deliveries with our rugged portable computers and get digitalized signatures.

We've been offering automatic Sell-through, SPIFF and vendor promotion claims since 2011.

Discover what we can do for your company

The most efficient accounting tool for DNA, SMEs, SMBs and ETIs

The only Fully Scalable solution that adapts to your industry with its multiple integrated «Built-In» options.

«Scalable» means that Concept Caméléon will still fit your needs even if your company changes orientation or expands.

Personalize your management tool by selecting only the «Built-In» options that are relevant to your industry. Just add any options when you're ready or when they are needed.

Discover a stylish and ergonomic environment with many possibilities. In addition to substantial savings!

Related to your industry

Promotion management

This scalable tool automatically manages all your promotions, like special price, supplier discounts, instant discounts, SPIFF and Sell-Through!

No more duplicates or scans handling related to claims which increase errors and claim omissions. All this slow down customer service and decrease your profits by having employees spend more times on preparing claims.

Just do your daily transactions and MixPromo takes care of your promotions and automatically generates claims.

Why do without it!

Protection Plans

Increase your profits with this option that manages all aspect required to bill protection plans.

Combined with the «Questionnaire» option, protection plans are automatically presented to salespeople so that they won't forget to offer all available protection plans to customers.

Sold protection plans are transmitted electronically to the vendor.

What could be simpler!

In-House Financing

Why not offer In-House Financing to your customers and generate additional income. Indeed, profit margins are increasingly reduced, but merchants who offer «In-House Financing» saw their sales volumes increase as well as their profits.

In fact, the success lies with the «In-House Financing» tool Built-in Concept Caméléon. Within the sale transaction window, you get a powerful In-House Financing tool that even generates the customer contract. The customer can select to pay after receiving a statement of accounts or by pre-authorized bank withdrawal.

To be considered to increasing your income!

Key features that make the difference


At a glance, get different real-time graphs of your sales, finances, accounts receivable, accounts payable and more.

Forms Designer

Keep your own personalized forms; quotes, orders, invoices, checks, etc. Create personalized labels for shipping or delivery with bar codes and QR Codes.

Report Generator

Create your own reports with our innovative report generator with groups sorting, filters and more. Export your reports to Excel, XML, CSV, etc.

Corporate Archives

Centralize all your documents in this electronic database. Scan or import all types of documents. Accessible to all users everywhere.


An indispensable tool! Follow your customers' communications and purchases. Paired with the document management system, send customers thank you letters or promotional e-mails.

Integrated Payment Solutions

Concept Caméléon offers free various payment terminals integration. Your customers can pay with credit or debit cards in person, by phone, by mail or by e-commerce.

Cloud Solution

Access your software and data anytime, anywhere

By dematerializing your data and software, it opens new possibilities to access your software and data from any computer (Windows or Mac) and from any mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android).

This service is perfect to reduce server management cost.

Telecommuting has become a must?

Access all your data from your home. Our cloud-based platform gives you access to your emails in addition to all your office documents. Easily share files or documents with your colleagues.

Cloud Backup

Concept Gardien brings peace of mind knowing that you don't ever have to worry about your backups.

Concept Gardien is THE solution to save all your data in a secure facility. Dropbox, USB key, local hard disk copy are not the ideal solution to protect all your data.

Concept Gardien keeps your precious data securely out of your company!

Detailed Characteristics

Here are the main characteristics of the Concept Caméléon E-Solution added to the Genesis ETI Multi‑User Solution

  • Create customer profile easily with the Canada Post web service (option);
  • Quotes, orders, layaways and invoicing;
  • Customer orders modifications history;
  • Product kits with special kit price or individual prices;
  • Automatically offers protection plans (questionnaire) to customers;
  • Rental and reservation of products and/or services: by the hour, block, day, etc.;
  • Integration with Comerco for protection plans (option);
  • POS integration: Desjardins, Globalpayments and Bambora;
  • Gift cards management with customers web portal;
  • Fidelity cards management with customers Web portal;
  • Salespeople: multiple commission rates, payments and statistics;
  • Report generator with Excel export;
  • Sales Dashboard;
  • MixPromo: Promotions, supplier discounts, SPIFF, bonuses and Sell-through;
  • Multi-branches and profit centers (option).
  • Multi-warehouse management;
  • Products with serial numbers;
  • Just-in-time (JIT) purchasing;
  • Automatic notifications to buyers and salespeople on customer orders modification or deletion;
  • Automatic notifications to buyers when the quantity of a just sold product goes under the minimum in stock quantity;
  • Inventory aging with automatic cost reductions or selling prices;
  • Accrued liabilities payable on purchases.
  • Calendar, schedule and delivery note;
  • Maximum daily capacities: stops, weight, volume, installation time;
  • Maximum total capacities: stops, weight, volume, installation time;
  • Amount to be collected on delivery;
  • Delivery manifest including all stops and amounts to be collected on delivery;
  • Delivery labels with stop numbers to help load the truck;
  • Interactive map with all deliveries position;
  • Möbile tablet with Delivery Compagnon to make paperless deliveries and capture digital signature.
  • Foreign currency management;
  • Accrued liabilities payable on purchases;
  • Inventory aging available as a chart or in a report generator;
  • Multi-branches or profit centers (option);
  • Regular or departmental financial statements;
  • Tax remittance;
  • Sales and financial dashboard;
  • Business Intelligence: offered as an option for buying group or franchises. We offer a unified and synchronized data system between merchants as well as several BI analysis reports. Check merchants inventory in real time. With permissions, merchants can also view the inventory of certain products at another affiliate merchant. We offer a lot more possibilities. Contact us to learn more about these possibilities.
  • Payroll bank direct deposits or printed checks;
  • Regular or with timesheets wages;
  • Government remittances;
  • Automatic rate update for all Canadian provinces;
  • Government forms: T4 and RL-1 and Web Records of Employment.
  • Corporate archives (scanned directly in the archive database or add documents manually);
  • Bar codes and QR codes printing;
  • Marketing tools;
  • Import vendors products or promotions in Excel format;
  • Import and update vendor prices;
  • Form and label generator;
  • Customer CRM.

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Personalized training: the key to success!



Training is the key and the most important goals to master your tools.

Whether it is for a new user or to extend your knowledge of Concept Caméléon, training is essential to maximize your daily management tool.

Our trainers will make you discover different useful aspects, will give you personalized hints and tricks and will greatly help you in your business management in only a couple of hours of training.