Get your hands on Concept Caméléon

Training is the key and the most important goal to master your tools.

Whether it is for a new user or to extend your knowledge of Concept Caméléon, training is essential to maximize your daily management tool.

Our trainers will make you discover different useful aspects, will give you personalized hints and tricks and will greatly help you in your business management in only a couple of hours of training.

Increase your productivity with just a few hours of training.

More than 30 years of experience

Training is by definition a process of transferring one's knowledge to others. Our expertise in many different sectors will help you not only learn our software, but will also help to better organize your work load. We even suggest new ways of doing things so that every department maximizes its working time to gain productivity.

Call us today and ask how we can help your company.

Flexible training solutions

On Site

On site training is the best way to quickly get employees up and running. The learning curve is easier when we have the possibility to see what employees are doing so that we can help them correct their bad habits.

With on-site training you're definitely going to get faster results.


Our unique Webinar training technology lets you work in your software with your data or, if you prefer, we can use a «Training» company. This means that you’re doing all the work.

Yes, with this training technic, users retain more information and learn faster than just staring at their monitor.


Group training is available on site or by Webinar.

Each user can log individually with their computer or gather up in a conference room to listen to the trainer.


We offer our customers many training videos.

All videos are free and accessible in the customer CAMInfo private Web portal.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how to book a training session.