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This option offers a simple but efficient way to manufacturing components, parts or finished products.

Create your bill of material (BOM) with labour by production steps. Launching and terminating your productions will automatically adjust your inventories of raw materials and finished products.

Launching and terminating your productions will also post a general ledger entries to account for real-time labour entries and in process productions.

This option is used when a company sells products with batch numbers, that is to say a set of products with the same characteristics (same day of production, «batch» number, colour, fabrics, same raw materials, etc.). The batch number identifies the origin of the all raw products. Batch management allows you to create a single product in the inventory and assign one or more quantities to the same batch number.

This option convert foreign currencies into your company currency. Products can be ordered in the vendor's currency, but converted in your currency when the receiving is done.

The same goes for customer transactions which are automatically presented in the customer's currency, but posted in your company's currency.

All transactions are posted to the general ledger using a «Gain / Lost on currency» account. This way you can follow currency transactions.

An equivalent product number is used to assign multiple product numbers to a master product.

When searching for a product, you can scan the master product number barcode but also any other barcode associated to the master product. You can even create shortcut equivalent to a complicated product number.

Transform and send to a subcontractor products that will return in stock modified with an added transformation cost. A return shipping slip is used to remove product quantities from stock and send it to the subcontractor.

When receiving the new product in stock, the system proposes to add the transformation cost invoiced by the subcontractor to the new products in order to reflect the added value.

With this option every stock movement is reflected in your financial statements. Each added or removed quantity or cost modification will generate an entry in the inventory journal.

When receiving stock from a vendor, it also generates an accrued liability payable for that vendor. The accrued liabilities on purchases ensure that the cost entered upon receiving matches the costs on the vendor invoice.

The benefit of this option is that your cost of goods sold in your Income Statements reflect the real purchases made in that period. Also, your Balance Sheet inventory accounts are always updated.

This is a well-appreciated option if you want to view real-time financial statements at any time.

With this option you can distribute the cost of freight on each product received. The freight cost can be entered as a total or as a percentage calculated for each product. With the currency option, freight can be entered in the vendor currency.

With this option you can create questionnaires with artificial intelligence and associate them with products. The questionnaire is then automatically displayed when one of these products is added to quotes, sales orders or invoices.

If you don't want users to forget important questions or offer complementary to customers then this option is for you!

With this option all vendors purchase orders history will be available for consultation in a report grid.

You can also start a new purchase order from one in the purchase order history.

We also provide a vendor purchase orders report with per month and per year purchases.

With this option a product purchased in a unit can be converted into a different unit in inventory. For example, a product purchased in «feet» can be converted into «inches» in inventory.

In the product file, conversion unit can be defined for all four preferred purchasing vendors.

This option offers tools to make it easier to do inventory physical count. You can freeze a copy of your inventory at a precise moment and then print a physical count document. When entering physical count quantities, the system will update your inventory and the frozen inventory. This will allow you to print a copy of the frozen inventory.

The biggest advantage of this option is that you don't have to stop invoicing or receiving products, while doing your inventory physical count, because both inventory is updated (frozen and actual inventory).

Combined with Inventory Compagnon, physical count can be done with a tablet or laptop equipped with a barcode reader.

With this option, inventory can be separated in multiple warehouses and locations and view at any time. Minimum and maximum quantities can be set up by warehouses. You can do manual or batch warehouse transfer and print voucher. Invoiced products can be selected from any warehouse on the same customer invoice.

This option calculates the total weight and volume of all products shipped on the same customer invoice. Theses information can be printed on the transaction form.

Product weight and volume can also be specified for each four preferred vendors. When entering products on a purchase order, the system display the total weight and volume of ordered products.

This option converts customer ordered quantities by applying a conversion unit when invoiced. The conversion unit is entered in the product file.

Additional integrated «Built-In» options may be required when purchasing an option. Contact one of our advisors to find out more.

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