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Fully Expandable and Added Possibilities with all theses «Built‑In» Integrated Options

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An expandable solution with integrated «Built‑in» options that can be unlocked with a single click. Always expandable to help you move to a higher level!


This option converts foreign currencies into your company currency. Products can be ordered in the vendor's currency, but converted in your currency when the receiving is done.

The same goes for customer transactions which are automatically presented in the customer's currency, but posted in your company's currency.

All transactions are posted to the general ledger using a «Gain / Lost on currency» account. This way you can follow currency transactions.

An equivalent product number is used to assign multiple product numbers to a master product.

When searching for a product, you can scan the master product number barcode but also any other barcode associated to the master product. You can even create shortcut equivalent to a complicated product number.

Building customer loyalty is important. With this option, customers accumulate bonus points on each sales invoice.

Bonus points percentage is defined by customers on applicable products only.

Bonus points can then be used, like cash, to pay a purchase.

Manage your customers' sales price exceptions by assigning them a custom price table.

Create price tables with product special price or category percentage discount.

Several other features are also available, like price table start/expired date; E-Mail or print price tables; Price table list or expired. And much more.

Manage salespeople commissions with this power-full option. Commission rates can be based on an overall rate, on different rates per product category or on specific products. With the advance projects option, commissions rates can also be established on projects profit intervals.

Two salespeople can be assigned on a transaction. In this case, the commission amount will be split 50/50.

A commission payable list can be sent to salespeople upon payment.

Choose between paying commissions on paid or unpaid invoices.

This option covers all needed aspects to ship your products. It includes a shipping calendar, delivery routes with predefined daily capacity like no delivery on a specific day, maximum stops, weight, volume and installation time. You can also view or print a Google map with all delivery stops.

When entering a sale order, you can select a date from the shipping calendar where all delivery stops are shown. You can also enter a note specific to each delivery to specify special instructions.

If a customer has multiple orders, products can be selected from any order but the system will only generate one numbered shipping voucher. If payments are to be collected on delivery, the system will automatically calculate the amount to be collected. A minimum downpayment will remain in the customer accounts receivables until full delivery.

Truck management is also available if you want to link deliveries to them. In order to optimize shipping, a «Stop Number» can be assigned to each delivery. Deliveries are sorted by default on postal codes. To load boxes in the truck in the correct order, you can print labels with the stop number.

Paired with Delivery Compagnon Möbile App, deliveries can be assigned to a truck and a tablet to do paperless deliveries. The delivery person can follow all deliveries on the tablet and customers can sign digitally to confirm delivery.

With this option you can import customers or export them for direct mailings. Create all sorting codes needed and assigned them to your customers. You can assign several sorting codes to the same customer.

With our batch customer sorting grid, you can edit all your customer's information just like in Excel. You can export customers in different file format like Excel, XLM and more. Export can also be done by choosing one or several sorting codes.

This option can suspend (put on hold) a sale order so that it's impossible to modify, delete or invoice. The order will remain «suspended» until an authorized user removed it by entering its password.

Other credit management functions are also available with this option.

This option works by entering a suggested retail price in column «A» to calculate all other selling prices (column «B» to «P») by applying a discount in percentages.

When receiving stocks, you can modify the retail price (column «A») directly in the receiving form if the cost of the product has changed.

With this option you can import unpaid customer's invoices from a file. The file format needs to be a database file type «DBF». Excel can convert a «DBF» file into an Excel file. All unpaid invoices will be added to the Accounts Receivables.

Withdraw customer due amounts directly from their bank accounts. Due amounts can be split on different periods and automatically withdraw until full payment.

You can also use this option to batch invoice monthly services sold to your customers such as subscriptions, contracts or other any other type. When using this method, a transaction will be posted to the sales journal.

This option is compatible with all major Canadian banks.

This option keeps a customer inventory of products under a service contract. Each sold contract will have a start and end date.

When a contract is coming to an end, the system will send a renewal notice to the customer. Different types of contracts are also suggested on the notice like, for example a 24/7 contract for $300 or a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays contract for $175. The customer can choose any contract and send you the signed notice.

You can do contract batch invoicing instead of doing them one by one. It's also possible to use a bank direct deposits with this option.

This option offers the possibility to keep the quote even after it has been transferred into a sales order or an invoice. The quote is then used as a personalized products list for the customer. When stating a sales order or an invoice, all products from the quote are imported in the new transaction. All you have to do is enter the quantities.

This will speed up your work for repetitive orders without forgetting the customer's purchasing habits.

TiMe is an electronic time punch clock system for your employees. Work time can be accumulated on work orders or internal work related or not to projects.

To make it easier to use, this application can be installed in a touch screen tablet.

Paired with the 05 - ERP/MRP solution, work time can be entered on productions.

Work hours are also accumulated for the payroll department.

Designed for gas stations, this option extract taxes and quantity of litres from sold gasoline.

If you do your own products delivery, you can create delivery routes and assign them to your customers with this option.

When ready to do your deliveries, you can use of theses list: customers by delivery route or customer orders by delivery route.

Paired with option 21 - Shipping Management and option Delivery Compagnon, you have access to a powerful shipping management option where you can select customer orders ready for delivery and print shipping labels with all information to help you load your trucks according to your delivery routes and stops.

This option can import XML files to create quotes, customer orders or invoices in Concept Caméléon. This option is great if you have an external application or a transactional website and want to import transactions.

Normally used with Connect 360° ss the XML are automatically exchanged between Concept Caméléon and your external solution.

This option adds additional overcharge to an invoice. If the sold product is applicable, an overcharge is calculated according to an overcharge interval and start/end dates specified in the customer's profile.

Customers often used this option for the trucking industry for fuel overcharge.

Need to manage shipping and container return? Our container rental system allows you to bill the use of the container on a daily, monthly or annual basis depending on the customer's contract. Also, content is billed per usage.

The system tracks all containers in/out related to the customer's contract. Additional containers, not in the contract, are billed on a per day usage.

Contract renewal can be done automatically so you don't need to them one by one. The customer will receive an invoice in which the in and out containers are listed.

Manage promotions quickly and efficiently with our promotions system. Promotions can be created in advance and the day the promotion becomes valid, the prices of the products are automatically those of the promotion.

When the promotion is finished, you don't have to do anything. All new products sold will be at the regular price.

When doing a sale transaction, you also get a «Scissor Button» to give additional discount on one or more products such as percentage discounts, discount equivalent to taxes, according to the subtotal, etc.

Paired with Connect 360° ss promotions are published to your website or external applications.

This option is designed to manage freight transport. Once you have entered a transport order, you can then assign it to a driver, truck or trailer in the dispatch screen. Each transport order can be assigned or reassigned to other transporters.

To easily manage all information on trucks, trailers, drivers and permits, all their information is pre-entered in the system.

Transport order can also be transferred to a brokerage service. A personalized brokerage voucher can be printed or emailed.

Paired with the 27 - Permanent Inventory option, the brokerage is accounted for in the accrued liabilities payable on purchases.

A specially designed screen for dispatchers makes it possible to visualize, at a glance, all transport requests and quickly make changes.

If you manage freight transport, this option will make it easier all aspects of this industry.

Managing rentals and reservations is easy with Concept Caméléon. Just identify the products that can be rented and specify the rental prices for hourly, daily, block, weekend, week, month and year.

When renting a product, all you have to do is specify the duration of the rental. It's as simple as that.

Renewal of contracts is done with a single click. Imagine thousands of contract renewals in seconds!

Compagnon Möbile is an application dedicated to delivery and invoicing on the road. With Compagnon Möbile, your delivery people leave with their mobile tablet in which their delivery routes are already planned. The delivery person confirms the delivered quantities, enters a payment and ask the customer to sign directly on the touch screen.

This solution also offers order taking, invoicing, inventory management, return processing, payment collection, signature capture and end-of-day reports.

Gift cards are more and more popular and help build customer loyalty.

Concept Caméléon offers a complete gift card management system. A Web Portal is available to customers to see the gift card balance or transactions done with the card. Gift card can be reloaded.

Paired with Connect 360° ss, gift cards can be accepted on your e-commerce website with our API system.

This MixPromo option adds Sell-Through, merchant discount, SPIFF and claims to the basic 83-Mixpromo option.

No more duplicates, justification scans related to promotions claims. This option will help reduce errors and omissions and won't slow down customer service. Increase your profits by not forgetting amounts to be claimed and free you employees from this time-consuming job.

Manage several «Branches» or «Profit Centers» with this option.

Sales, purchases and expenses are broken down by branches or profit centers.

The income statement can be viewed by branches or profit centers to know the profitability of each.

Several consultation grids and graphs are available to evaluate sales, cost of sales, expenses by branches or by profit centers.

The loyalty card option is an easy, efficient and secure way to increase your sales while creating new business opportunities.

It is a complete option to selling loyalty cards, reloading empty cards and a customer web portal to see available balances.

Loyalty cards store quantities and not money. A loyalty card can contain prepaid services, such as:

  • Photo development;
  • Printing photos;
  • Oil changes;
  • Hairstyles or manicures;
  • Etc.

Why not offer In-House Financing to your customers and generate additional income. Indeed, profit margins are increasingly reduced, but merchants who offer «In-House Financing» saw their sales volumes increase as well as their profits.

In fact, the success lies with the «In-House Financing» tool Built-in Concept Caméléon. Within the sale transaction window, you get a powerful In-House Financing tool that even generates the customer contract. The customer can select to pay after receiving a statement of accounts or by pre-authorized bank withdrawal.

Increase your profits with this option that manages all aspect required to bill protection plans.

Combined with the «Questionnaire» option, protection plans are automatically presented to salespeople so that they won't forget to offer all available protection plans to customers.

Sold protection plans are transmitted electronically to the vendor.

Create or modify customers by extracting the address from the Canada Post database.

By using this web service, the address created in the customer's file matches Canada Post and Google Map requirements.

Eliminate addressing errors, customer's frustration and all the wasted time redoing deliveries that didn't reach their destination.

Vendors address extracting is also available with this option.

Additional integrated «Built-In» options may be required when purchasing an option. Contact one of our advisors to find out more.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to book a presentation.

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