Integrated Options

Fully Expandable and Added Possibilities with all theses «Built‑In» Integrated Options

Go Beyond the Genesis ETI Multi‑User Solution!

An expandable solution with integrated «Built‑in» options that can be unlocked with a single click. Always expandable to help you move to a higher level!


This option provides an easy way to produce income statements by departments (store section, division, etc.).

The income statement report or consultation grid let you know the profitability or loss for each department. A summary of all departments can also be printed.

With this option, just create a consolidated company where all accounting entries from selected companies are compiled in order to produce consolidated financial statements.

This new consolidated company can be updated at any time. It's also possible to do general ledger entries in that company to adjust financial statements.

Manage several «Branches» or «Profit Centers» with this option.

Sales, purchases and expenses are broken down by branches or profit centers.

The income statement can be viewed by branches or profit centers to know the profitability of each.

Several consultation grids and graphs are available to evaluate sales, cost of sales, expenses by branches or by profit centers.

The file can have multiple general ledger entries that can affect the last period of the previous fiscal year (end-of-year adjustment) or the current fiscal year from period 1 to the current period.

Sales, purchases and expenses can be distributed by branch or profit center (option 098 - Multi-Branches/Profit Centers required).

A specific MS Excel structure is required for this option and is available in the option documentation.

Additional integrated «Built-In» options may be required when purchasing an option. Contact one of our advisors to find out more.

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