Highly Qualified Commercial Services

Built-in Tools and Services from Highly Qualified Business Partners

Over the years, we have worked closely with our partners to negotiate and integrate added value in Concept Caméléon.

These third-party solutions are important resources to extend Concept Caméléon functionalities.

With our Business Partners, we can offer:

A solid application which brings and retains business of all size
Outstanding integration with Internet SQL services
Cloud Solutions to help keep low-cost infrastructures
Cloud Backup for security and peace of mind


For all of these reasons and many more, we are proud to list them on our website.


Cybersquad IT Solutions has been our partner for many years for Concept Caméléon local installations, Cloud and Backup Solutions.

Are you looking for a trusted partner with strong computer and networking knowledge? Do not hesitate to trust this IT consulting firm focused on service quality.

Business Forms

We are proud to announce that Les Progiciels Concept inc. and NEBS Business Products have concluded a partnership regarding the supply of business forms for Concept Caméléon software. As a user of Concept Caméléon, Nebs will offer a 15% discount on forms such as cheques, invoices and statements. It’s important to mention code #98793 when ordering to save 15%. NEBS is a Canadian company with more than 200,000 Canadian businesses benefitting from its products and services.

Payment API

Bambora eCommerce solutions is the solution to use when you have no interaction with a customer during sale transactions. The card information is entered manually in Concept Caméléon and the approval is done with a secured Internet connection. Accepts Visa, MasterCard and Amex regular credit cards.

Payments can be accepted online with our e-commerce solution Connect 360°ss


Driven by customer needs around the world, Globalpayments delivers a broad range of products and services that help businesses innovate and grow. Globalpayments make it easy to do business with. They provide access to all major forms of payment processing. With Concept Caméléon, all you need to do is connect the terminal and start your sales process. They accept magnetic and chip debit cards, magnetic and chip Visa, MasterCard and Amex.


The construction industry is a major sector in Quebec. The hundreds of thousands of people involved in the industry and the companies that employ them must be constantly on the move throughout the province. It is funded mainly by Payroll contributions from workers and employers in the construction industry. With Concept Caméléon, employers can calculate and maintain payroll in accordance with the CCQ rules.

To simplify that process, we have linked our software to the CCQ Internet services. New wages, contributions and rates are automatically updated in Concept Caméléon.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our partners.