Integrated Options

Fully Expandable and Added Possibilities with all theses «Built‑In» Integrated Options

Go Beyond the Genesis ETI Multi‑User Solution!

An expandable solution with integrated «Built‑in» options that can be unlocked with a single click. Always expandable to help you move to a higher level!


This option provides a fast and easy way to enter employees timesheets in your projects without using the payroll option.

All fringe benefits are added to projects using a percentage defined for each department.

Timesheet can be split on different projects, phases and operations.

With this «Built-In» option you can create estimates and/or quotes for your projects in a presentation required for the construction industry or companies specializing in project management. Print personalized estimates with your logo, specific sections for your products and services separated by phase and operation with subtotals as well as specific sections for payment terms and contract clauses. The customer can sign in the space provided for this purpose to accept the estimate and conditions.

You have different price options for your estimates, either: cost-plus, percentage markup or customer price column.

Quickly see your profits with an estimator specifically designed copy in which additional information like profits percentage for individual phases and operations. A graphic of the five most important expenses is also available to better access the profitability of the estimate.

When accepted, the estimate is transferred to the project budget for monitor progress and profitability.

In fact, Concept Caméléon supports all aspects of the construction industry!

Additional integrated «Built-In» options may be required when purchasing an option. Contact one of our advisors to find out more.

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