The DNA Solution

Starting a new business?

Get the most scalable tool that can be adapted to your business growth with just one click!

Whether you are an SME/SMB business, your needs are the same as your competitors!

With Concept Caméléon Genesis, you can personalize your management tool by selecting only the «Built-In» options
that are relevant to your industry. Just add any option when you're ready or when they are needed.

Discover a stylish and ergonomic environment with many possibilities and be ready to face new challenges.

Solutions by Industries


Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses
and Flooring


Electronics, Photography,
and televisions


Product Rentals, Reservations
and recuring invoicing


Designed to increase efficiency
and productivity


Estimations, Contracts, Projects
and Payroll with CCQ Standards


Distribution for Professionals Sanitary
Business and Janitor Recurring Orders