Integrated Options

Fully Expandable and Added Possibilities with all theses «Built‑In» Integrated Options

Go Beyond the Genesis ETI Multi‑User Solution!

An expandable solution with integrated «Built‑in» options that can be unlocked with a single click. Always expandable to help you move to a higher level!


Nothing is easier and less expensive than doing your own payroll.

Yes, it's easy to use! You don't need extensive knowledge to use this option. Rates are updated automatically via updates.

Choose to pay your employees with checks or direct deposits. «PDF» pay stub is sent via an encrypted email.

Manage all types of payroll periods (52, 26, etc.). We even prepare your employer's remittances report. At the end of the year, just print on plain paper your T4 and R1. You can also do your record of employment and send them to Canada Revenu Agency via their web service.

This option adds to the basic payroll timesheet and advanced project management.

Timesheets with templates give you the possibility to include different types of income and deductions in the same payment.

Incomes and expenses can be automatically allocated to different departments, projects, phases and operations.

C.C.Q. in Quebec

With timesheets option you can also manage construction payroll (C.C.Q.) and all your employer's obligations.

Our system is connected to the C.C.Q. server to update rates automatically when needed.

This option includes several features that impact almost all areas of the software package. To better understand this option, please contact us for more information.

Additional integrated «Built-In» options may be required when purchasing an option. Contact one of our advisors to find out more.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to book a presentation.

Personalized training: the key to success!



Training is the key and the most important goals to master your tools.

Whether it is for a new user or to extend your knowledge of Concept Caméléon, training is essential to maximize your daily management tool.

Our trainers will make you discover different useful aspects, will give you personalized hints and tricks and will greatly help you in your business management in only a couple of hours of training.